Our Team

Our Dedicated Team

We are a club formed by 30+ professionals from different backgrounds and nationalities but with a common goal to serve our communities.

Julio Murillo


Arturo Barrio


Gabino Tavara

Treasury Director

Humberto Calzada

Service Director

Humberto Alcazar

Assistant to the Fundraising Committee

Karem Leon

Public Relations

Minerva Correa

Assistant to the Fundraising Events Committee

Yasir Einaudi

Social Media & Website Committee Director

Pedro Einaudi

Special Events Director

Nelson Calzadilla

Vice President

Antonio Cachazo

Soles de Anapra – Program Director

Alberto Serrano

Sergeant at Arms

Caty Dominguez

New Generation Service Avenue

Gerardo Seyffert

Corazon de NiƱos – Program Director

Joel Meraz

Rotary Foundation Assistant

Martin Gomez

Club & Vocational Service

Lucia Chacon

Fundraising Director

Alicia Fierro-Stevens

Fundraising Events Assistant

Fernando Lopez

Director of Rotary Foundation